What is AMAC?

Advanced Mobile Asset Collection (AMAC) is an advanced, mobile and highly accurate automated system which measures traffic sign and pavement marking retroreflectivity while creating a comprehensive asset inventory and condition assessment.

AMAC was developed through a team of engineers, physicists, psychologists and statisticians by DBi/Cidaut Technologies, a partnership between the United States’ DBi Services and Spain’s CIDAUT Foundation.

Integrating state of the art advanced lighting and artificial vision techniques in an instrumented vehicle operating at night at highway speeds, AMAC safely, quickly and cost-effectively assesses the actual performance of traffic signs and pavement markings. AMAC objectively measures traffic sign and pavement marking retroreflectivity levels, luminance, position, dimensions and color. The collected data is analyzed, geo-positioned and can then be integrated into existing GIS or maintenance management systems.

How is AMAC different from other systems?
How does AMAC work?
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Independent Testing

AMAC was independently tested in 2011 at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) at Texas A&M University. The testing performance criteria for AMAC included the evaluation of background and legend retroreflectivity measurements.

The testing protocol included both static and dynamic measurements of a variety of retroreflective signs and pavement markings on a closed-course facility, as well as dynamic measurements along an open-road test route.

We have recently tested the AMAC system and found this technology to be a viable method to meet sign and pavement marking retroreflectivity requirments.

Dr. Paul J. Carlson
Texas A&M Transportation Institute

AMAC is the most technologically advanced traffic sign measurement and inventory system in the world. It will clearly benefit any state, city, county or toll road authority who wants to safely and quickly prepare a robust, data driven traffic sign management and maintenance system.

Paul DeAngelo
DBi Services President and Co-Founder