AMAC Services

  • The 360 degree video system consists of six high sensitivity cameras, of which five provide a horizontal 360 degree perspective and one vertically mounted, pointing upward. The PERSPECTIVE 360 system creates a panoramic scene of the surroundings that enables a full 360 degree field of view. The PERSPECTIVE 360 spherical imaging system boasts an impressive 30 MP resolution covering 90% of a full sphere making it an excellent choice for applications in geographic information systems (GIS) and vehicle-based photogrammetry.

  • The AMAC inspection system differs from current pavement marking measurement systems in two areas. AMAC uses a photogrammetric approach rather than lasers while capturing pavement marking measurements of the full lane width in a single pass.

  • Using the driver's point of view while traveling at highway speeds, the AMAC sign inspection system evaluates the performance of traffic signs with the measurement of its retroreflectivity while gathering inventory data during the most critical time - night.