AMAC is composed of three subsystems:

  • Mobile system for data and images acquisition
  • Detection, performance analysis and positioning software
  • Management and analysis software
Mobile System for Data and Images Acquisition

Management and analysis software


Retroreflectivity makes the traffic sign visible by reflecting back the light from the headlights to the driver. To determine sign retroreflectivity level, the luminance and geometry is needed.

Luminance Measure

High sensitivity cameras installed on board measures the luminance, even under low light conditions.

The response curve of the cameras is equivalent to the human eye and allows to measure luminance consistency.


The cameras have been geometrically calibrated to measure distances and dimensions. Together with the multiple sensors on board, the geometry context of the retroreflectivity is measured.

Inspection Vehicle Components

  • LED illumination system fully controlled which guarantees repetitive measures
  • Auxiliary sensors that provide full information about environmental conditions
  • Seven custom camera sensors, capable of operating under low light conditions
  • Complete integration of all the components through precise synchronization electronics