The 360 degree video system consists of six high sensitivity cameras, of which five provide a horizontal 360 degree perspective and one vertically mounted, pointing upward. The PERSPECTIVE 360 system creates a panoramic scene of the surroundings that enables a full 360 degree field of view. All imagery is correlated with high precision differential GPS through a cellular based VRS (virtual reference station) system supplemented with a highly accurate 3 axis IMU (inertial measurement unit). A unique software post-processing workflow is employed to process the collected images for extracting the attributes of the inventoried assets. The video data does not require any post processing, expediting the delivery of the final data set of mapped assets.

Once the video is collected, identified assets will be extracted utilizing custom software with the capability of extracting X,Y,Z positional information as well as qualitative information relating to the mapped assets. A combination of point, linear and area features can be mapped.

The extracted assets and associated attributes include GPS positional accuracy of +/- 1 decimeter of both point and linear features. Measurement accuracies of 2-3 cm can be achieved as part of the asset quantitative information.

All extracted asset positional information will be referenced to the linear referencing system identified by the customer and delivered as well with GPS coordinates.

  • Bridge Deck Inspections
  • Bridge Structure Inspections
  • Pavement Condition Assessment
  • Right of Way Assets

The PERSPECTIVE 360 spherical imaging system boasts an impressive 30 MP resolution covering 90% of a full sphere. It is an excellent choice for applications in geographic information systems (GIS) and vehicle-based photogrammetry. All data is seamlessly integrated into user defined schemas of all asset management programs and GIS databases.