The AMAC system differs from current pavement marking measurement systems in two areas.

  • The system uses a photogrammetric approach to obtaining the retroreflectivity measurements rather than lasers.
  • The system can capture line markings, pavement graphics and raised pavement markers in the full lane width in a single pass rather than just a single line per pass.

The primary objective is to obtain relevant information to optimize maintenance of pavement markings that is focused on technical criteria based on actual behavior in service.

  1. The AMAC system uses a photogrammetric approach to obtaining retroreflectivity measurements of pavement line markings and graphics and also assessment and inventory of raised pavement markings.
  2. Following ASTM Standard E1710-11, AMAC measures retroreflectivity of all pavement markings (lines and pavement graphics) at the ASTM prescribed 30m geometry. The System also meets the European EN 1436 standard geometry (30m)
  3. Complying with the road traffic regulations, the AMAC system can collect all data at the legal highway speeds with no compromise of accuracy. The measurements are not influenced by the presence of other vehicles or uncontrolled external or ambient light sources. In addition, because of the technologies utilized all measurements are completely independent of the vehicle dynamics. This capability provides consistency in measurement values.
  4. Data Processing and Analysis
  • AMAC’s automated data processing yields the following parameters:
    • Pavement Marking Line Type (single solid, single broken, double solid etc.)
    • Pavement Marking Line Color
    • Pavement Marking Line Coefficient of retroreflectivity
    • Pavement Marking Line width
    • GPS beginning and ending position of pattern changes
    • Inventory and condition assessment of RPM’s (raised pavement markers/studs)
    • Position of missing RPMs
    • Interactive sample section length selection for average retroreflectivity
    • Identification, GPS position and area of pavement graphic
    • Video log of roadway


The survey results of the measured road sections are presented in the viewing software as well as in PDF and Excel formats.

Furthermore the viewing software provides a flexible and easy to use tool for pavement marking management. This software contains all data (images, retroreflectivity, GPS coordinates, dimensions, etc.) of the measurements and can be used for own analysis. Thresholds can be modified if desired by the user and pavement marking retroreflectivity averages can be shown at different length intervals.